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Two Sites To Visit To Expand Your Landscaping Skills

Landscaping is a traditionally a good business, where your hard work is most often rewarded with a good profit. Effort, patience, experience and determination are key ingredients to making it in any profession, but none more so than that of the landscaper. Long days of hard but rewarding labor, which yield visibly tangible results in the form of a well-kept yard. And everyone appreciates a well-kept yard.

But even if you are making a good living at what you do, you may need to expand your field a bit to remain competitive. As the economy tightens, customers are looking for firms that can handle the whole package, not just the lawn and bushes. They want someone who can maintain the health and appearance of their trees as well, and if you are not experienced with proper tree maintenance, you may see your customer base move over to someone who is. And that can mean a personal financial crisis for you and your firm.

We’re not talking just pruning a few branches, but proper tree surgery and maintenance, a job which requires a higher degree of training. And there are two sites which can help you expand your skills.

NPC Training at npctraining.co.uk has a number of courses in land industry related skills, including ground care, pesticide use and a variety of safety courses. In addition, they have a special session on chainsaw training, a skill you will need if you want to expand your business into the area of tree care.

A chainsaw is not as simple as it looks, especially if you will be using it on a live tree. Selecting the right saw and blade for the job takes knowhow, and using it safely at odd angles from a ladder is not something you want to learn on the job. Chainsaw care and maintenance is important as well, as this kind of tool can do a lot of damage if it is not working properly.

The pesticide course will also give you some information on dealing with pests that attack trees in your area.

If you want to go a notch higher, and become a proper tree surgeon, then the coursework offered at Tree Surgeon Courses (treesurgeoncourses.org.uk) may be what you are looking for. This coursework will take you deeper into the science of tree care, covering common diseases, proper pruning, irrigation and feeding, as well as planting strategies to get the most out of your new trees.

Trees on a customer’s property represent an investment, usually in terms of money, but always in terms of time. Trees take many years to develop and if you can nurture each tree along in the process, you will have a special service that you can offer existing and potential customers. And if you can save an old and treasured tree from being cut down completely, you may have won a customer for life.

The classes at treesurgeoncourses.org.uk cover the basics of being a tree surgeon, proper pruning techniques, and how to identify and treat the various tree infections.