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Sports Massage


4 Benefits of Sports Massage

Athletes and joggers alike will benefit from sports massage. This kind of massage focuses on helping sporty individuals achieve optimum performance. The technique applied differs from person to person depending on one’s choice of sport. Even those who live a physically active lifestyle will also benefit from this kind of massage by preventing injury and fatigue as well as improving endurance.

The fact that sports massage targets muscles and body parts that are susceptible to stress and overused from aggressive and repetitive movements is the primary reason why it has become popular these days. Undiagnosed tensed and overused muscles can cause discomfort and impede optimum performance. It could even lead to more serious condition. However, with the right technique and skilled therapist, you can avoid such problems and be at your best. A skilled therapist can detect problematic tissues, and by employing the right technique, you can maintain a healthy body. Here are the top 4 benefits you should know about this kind of massage.

Minimize muscle fatigue

When you exercise, you use energy and the body responds to the growing demand of energy by means of glycolysis. In glycolysis, the body breaks down glycogen during exercise and produces lactic acid. Lactic acid eventually builds up in the blood and causes fatigue and sore muscles. You cannot totally avoid muscle fatigue, but sport massage can greatly help in relieving and minimizing sore muscles by increasing blood flow to the tissues and open the blood vessels, allowing the nutrients to absorb more easily.

Speed up recovery

It has been found that sports massage helps speed up recovery time by increasing blood circulation. Waste products like lactic acid accumulate in the muscles. Massage increases circulation of blood to tensed muscles, helping in getting rid of toxic wastes and speeding up recovery time.

Reduces pain and stress

Tensed muscles are normally painful and sports massage proves beneficial in this regard. It is a common knowledge that the body respond favorably to touch. Massage stimulates the body’s mechanoreceptors, which senses pressure, touch and warmth, which cause the muscles to relax. The heat generated by muscles from massage causes the body to release endorphins – the happy hormones and works as pain reliever. Endorphins are released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which reduces pain and anxiety, improves mood and makes you feel happy and relaxed. It is not surprising, then, why experts have been promoting massage as a great way to manage stress.

Prevent injury

Injury is inevitable in any sports or physical activity. But did you know that massage can reduce your odds of experiencing injury? Yes, and it works in wonders. Massage does this by making your muscles more flexible and improves range motion. Constant stress on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints can lead to muscle tension. By employing the right massage, the massage therapist aims in releasing tensed muscles and restoring muscle balance, thereby of great help in preventing injury.

For you to make most of the benefits of sports massage, it is very important to incorporate it with proper nutrition, drinking lots of water and enough rest. Massage therapy for sporty individual like you is truly a necessity. Talk to a qualified therapist in your area and find a massage therapy plan that is best for your particular needs, level of physical activity, budget and schedule.