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A Small Company Looking For ISO Certification? Brian Mead Services Can Help

If you are a company looking to compete in the modern business environment, ISO certification is a fact of life. More and more purchasing departments are making ISO compliance a non-negotiable requirement on more and more products and services. And the reason is simple. The economy is such that old, established firms are falling by the wayside and being replaced by newer, untested companies. And even old guard that remains in the fight are having trouble keeping up with the demands of the modern market place, especially where quality and environmental issues are involved. ISO certification, while no guarantee of quality, at least assures a new purchaser that the supplier has made a tangible effort to comply with internationally accepted standards of quality and environmental impact.

If you are a small company, a low margin or not for profit company, looking into ISO Certification can be daunting. The cost of the compliance assessments themselves can be daunting, and that is not even considering the costs to be accrued making the changes to qualify for ISO certification in the first place. Even more than the actual certification fees, though, is what it will cost your organization to determine what changes must be made, implement and test those changes, and document both the process of achieving compliance and the ongoing quality and environmental measures which will be put into place.

That’s where an ISO Consultancy firm can help. They have the experience and the training to make this transition as easy as possible. They have walked many companies through the process and know just where the difficult areas will be.

But not every firm will necessarily be right for you. Many are set up to meet the needs of larger, high margin companies, firms that have lots of capital and can afford to make a large financial commitment to achieve ISO compliance.

For smaller companies and especially low margin or not for profit organizations looking for the advantages of ISO certification but without the capital that larger companies can bring to the table, need someone more suited to their needs.

That’s where Brian Mead Business Improvement Services (brianmead.com) can be your key to a new market segment. Brian Mead Services are experts in ISO compliance, focusing on the IS 9001 Quality standards, the ISO 14001 Environmental Impact standards, and the ISO 18001 Health and Safety standards that are especially important to companies serving the construction industries.

Brian Mead Services (brianmead.com) can isolate which parts of the various ISO standards are applicable to your company, and help forge and implement a strategy for achieving compliance. They are familiar with the forms that need to be completed, the reports that need to be compiled and the procedures that need to be put into place to make ISO Certification a reality.

Brian Mead Business Improvement Services is able and willing to supply whatever level of service is required, from analysis of your needs and help with planning to take a hand in implementing the changes.

Visit Brian Mead Services at brianmead.com, to see if their skills are what you need to make the change to an ISO Certified organization.