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Providing a Good Diet For Your Pet

We want our dogs to taste all the best food that they can have but we need to choose the right food for them to ensure that they are healthy and they are getting the needed nutrients of their body. Knowing the complete sets of food to feed them daily, our veterinarian will teach us the nutritional values of each food we are giving. We should always remember that we are not only keeping them healthy but we want them also to live longer.

Energy and nutrients should comply with the nutrient requirements of their daily diet. They need to be energized to be able to play with you all day long. To sustain the needs of their body to become healthy and to help their immune system fight diseases and threats, the food they need should be complete with vitamins and minerals.

When choosing their food, we should consider some things like their breed, age, size, medical history and the taste. Some dogs are picky in terms of the taste of their food. When changing their diet, be sure to let them try a small amount before buying in bulk. Assessment is important as you will have the basis if they are gaining weight or becoming active with their new food. Ask the veterinary dietician if the food you are giving is easy to digest and tolerable for their breed.

Kids do love chocolates. Truly delicious and a stress-reliever for adults and may stop a child from crying. Chocolates can do a lot of magic when it comes to human mood. We love our dogs as we love the chocolate melts in our mouth. Sharing of food is good if it benefits the one whom you shared with. Surprisingly, experts are saying that chocolates are not meant to be shared to our dogs and cats. Finding the reasons why, there are some facts given about the chocolate that we should be careful of.

Chocolates in any kinds contain Theobromide. It is an ingredient that only human body could break down. Dogs and cats will have the difficulty of digesting it and prolonging this substance in their body may cause them to be poisoned and die. If you suspect your child sharing a bite of chocolate with your pets, bring your pets immediately for a medical check-up and treatment to unleash the poison in their body. Your dogs and cats may experience sickness, diarrhea within 2 hours after ingestion, restlessness and they would likely be urinating excessively since the kidneys are responding so the poison can be eliminated out of the body. If it could not be treated as soon as possible, your pet may die because of cardiac problem. If you want to know the food you have to keep from your pets, try to check for you to have some idea of the possible symptoms you have to look out for when you suspect your pets have eaten something forbidden.