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Principles You Should Remember About Motivation

Motivating individuals and groups is a major function of a leader. There are different ways that a leader can motivate. Some are considered to be destructive such as intimidation and fear. Yes, it gets people motivated but normally it is only short-term. Destructive methods of motivation though can be harmful. There are constructive motivations too. Examples of these are coaching and delegation. The good thing about this kind of motivation is that can be a long-term motivator.

You should take note though that people are motivated by different things. When you try to motivate a person, you should identify that specific person. You can only do so much though. A person should want to motivate himself too for you to be able to help them. If you need help with getting your employees motivated, you could check andypartridge.co.uk.

Here are some basic principles regarding motivation.

  • As the leader, you should also be motivated. When you are motivated, it will be easier to get your employees motivated too. When you have your enthusiasm for the job that you are doing, it will be much easier to convince others to be enthusiastic too. Feelings like this are contagious. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you clearly understand what could possibly motivate your employees.
  • The goals of your employee should be in line with the goals of the organization. No matter how fired up an employee is about their work, it will not matter if the result of their work does not have any impact on the organization. Sometimes, it might end up being really bad for the company. It is truly important for managers to know what they want from their employees.
  • This can never be emphasized too much. Once again, for you to be able to support your employees, you need to know what motivates them. You cannot motivate a person with money if they are motivated by getting recognition for what they do. So find out what they are motivated by so that you can take the right steps in motivating them.
  • Do not think of motivation as a task. Instead think of it as a process. Changes in the organization will always be present so it is important that you consider motivation to be an ongoing process.
  • Use org systems like procedure and policies to support an employee motivation.

There are sites out there that can help your in motivating your employees and one of them is andypartridge.co.uk. Here are some steps that you can do to be able to support motivation.

  • Apply what you have read in this article. Do not limit yourself to just reading it.
  • Write down factors that can motivate you and how you will be able to sustain them.
  • Write a list of what motives each of your employees.
  • You need to interact and work with every employee. Try to make sure that their motivation will be a part of the reward system.
  • Do one-on-one meetings.
  • Give rewards when you see results.
  • Goals that are measurable, specific, realistic, acceptable, timely and rewarding should be established.
  • Convey clearly how the results will contribute to the organization.