What should I look for in a Marketing Agency? Apr02


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What should I look for in a Marketing Agency?

At some point your business will feel like it’s an uncontrollable snake whose tail is stretching longer and longer, and is now out of control. If this is you, then it’s probably time to start looking for a marketing agency to help you grapple this snake into its cage. This is a major step and a momentous investment in your company’s future. Getting the right agency for you and your brand design can be tricky, but using these few pointers will help considerably.

What’s your criterion for the type of agency you want – Firstly, define how you should assess each agency; this definition should be agreed with all who are involved in the selection process.

What’s the agency’s experience – Be sure that the agency is having or has had involvement with a company similar to the size of yours, and importantly along the same business model. Most company brands need to be distinctive from their competitors, so having an agency with experience should help.

Can the agency handle tasks similar to your own – Having the agency show you what they’ve done for other organizations is a must. Did the agency strategies increase that organizations overall website visits, phone calls, and leads? Did they create an operational loyalty program, and be sure to see the results. Again, if they’ve had experience in the same arena as your own, they won’t have too much work on their hands.

What kind of strategies and creativity has the agency used previously – Agencies are great at making you sparkly-eyed’ during a presentation of their worth. Of course they’ll have superb designs and ingenious campaigns, it’s best to wear sunglasses and get down to the real results expected.

How well do they deal with creativity – Did they have major issues with other companies, what were they, and how did they overcome them; making sure that the marketing agency gives the negatives as well as positives. An agency should be able to think of solutions and critically about any doubts brought up.

Different budge levels – Usually when you first approach an agency the company has no real idea of what it wants or needs to spend with it comes to marketing and brand design. Have the agency give tenders for low, medium, and high spend levels, within what you consider is an appropriate ball-park figure for your overall budget. This way you will have an insight into how the agency looks at various circumstances; while at the same time giving what they see as the most relevant tactics and programmes for your business model.

Tell the agency how you define success – The agency should have a target to aim for, leaving it open is no good at all. The marketing metrics should be linked to explicit marketing programmes as well as they can.

Does the agency fit into your groove – Making sure the agency like makecomplexsimple.co.uk

fits ‘your groove’ is imperative. If your company is very loose and relaxed, find an agency that fits that mold; the same applies if your company is a stickler for rules and regulations. Having the right people at the meetings, staff who will work on your project on a regular basis, is another big Yes! Those are the people who will push that extra mile because of the ‘personal involvement’ they have with the brand and the brands organization.