Great Advertising Comes From How Study The Minds of People Feb26


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Great Advertising Comes From How Study The Minds of People

Claude C. Hopkins is a guru in advertising. He believed that advertising existed only to sell something and to give verdict if it’s effective or not, as a business person, you should see the outcome of your advert to know its effectiveness. Hopkins worked for different companies and was even offered a salary of $15,000 per month just for advertising. He knows how human think that is why he is an expert in almost manipulating it. Although he has sets of theories, he loves trial and error method or sampling. His book “Scientific Advertising” gave us some lessons learned about the rules of advertising.

  1. Talk to Human – According to Hopkins, “Men are more approachable than corporations.” This means that you need to reach out to your audience, directly. They have to be able to see the face of the corporation.
  2. Your Product should Talk – Literally as it said, your product should sell itself. It should not be just a facade to sell crappy poop. The goal of advertising according to Hopkins is to persuade the consumers to try the product once, at least. When they see that you have shared honest advertising about your product, they will be your avid fans.
  3. Coupons are everything – Getting the consumer to buy after the first try should be advertising’s first goal. Even bloggers use this kind of strategy to encourage readers to purchase the brands that they are wearing. This comes in discounts. Hopkins said that you should not give out your product for free or the consumer’s will fail to appreciate it. That is why coupons are discounts.
  4. Make the advocates be advocates – The mistake of advertising is wanting to attract all consumers to get to like your product. That is wrong. This is the main point of taking care of your subscribers. You have to speak to them and gain their trust more. In one subscriber is a set of at least 10 friends. If you gain their trust, he will do the talking.
  5. Trial and Error – this is Hopkins’ favorite. To be able to know the outcome, you should never get tired to test it.
  6. You are a salesman – The truth is, everyone of us has the talent of advertising but not as good as professionals because they studied and gain knowledge from years of experience and working. Just like courtship, you are selling yourself to a woman to buy your tactics to win her. You should not forget the salesmanship. Advertising is just being a salesman in print.
  7. Put it into detail – Many have thought that people do not have time anymore to read through manuals. The correct statement is – they do not have time to read through crappy manuals. Long advertisements should be informational and interesting. You should put your shoes on your readers, “will they love to read until the last word?”
  8. Give figures – People will not believe you if you say that you are best of all the bests. That is just pure tricking. People will be amazed if you give them percentage and calculations on how it is like. You have to feed them information and they will be interested, the more you can provide info and be detailed simply mean you know what you are doing. You will likely gain trust from various customers because they know you are different from others.
  9. Time Frames – give a deadline. It will give an immediate effect to the customer. Printing and ad should give a direct impact to customers. That is why coupons have limited offers.

Advertising with a firm like can be a lot to take in but surely, it is fun. Besides, advertising agencies are just around the corner.