What Evidence is Required To Make Accident Compensation Claim Feb16


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What Evidence is Required To Make Accident Compensation Claim

Have you been injured in a road accident? If yes, then you may be entitled to receive compensation. You have a right to file compensation claim for road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault. To support your claim, you will need to provide some solid evidences. Let’s have a look at these evidences.

First of all, you should have accounts of those who witnessed the accident. This is very important to back your claims. You should take the name and address of any witness immediately following the road traffic accident. Bear in mind that confirmation of your account, especially from an independent witness can greatly bolster your compensation claims.

Second important thing that you will have to provide your attorney with is all the medical records, including X-rays, prescriptions, number of visits to the medical facility, and the treatments you receive. If you have to take private medical attention for any reason, make sure you add this information to your medical records. These records are very important because they will play a pivotal role in demonstrating the type and extent of your road traffic accident injuries. To know more about medical records, check compensations4injury.co.uk. This website has complete information about evidences that you will need to provide to your lawyer.

Photographs of the accident scene are very important. You should take photos immediately of the accident scene, using your phone if need be. Besides the pictures of accident scene, make sure you take photographs of your damaged car and your injuries, even if they are minor. If it is not impossible to take pictures immediately after accident, try sketching the details of accident while they are still fresh in your memory. You should try to sketch the position of each motor vehicle, the direction of travel and the places where any witnesses were standing.

Take down all the insurance details of those involved in road traffic accident. These details may include their name, address and other insurance details. In case anyone provides you with false information should note down all registration numbers, since these numbers will allow you to trace the driver or car owner who was responsible for car accident.

It is important to note that a part of your compensation will be based upon the direct financial impact of the road traffic accident. This simply means that you should keep all the receipts for all those expenses that arise directly as a result of car accident. Also, keep a record of lost earnings. These receipts may include parking ticket, gas bills, and other expenses involved.

These were the evidences that you should provide to your injury lawyers. To know more about evidences, visit compensations4injury.co.uk. It is important to note that a fairly minor injury like a broken leg can give you compensation of up to $9000. It is strongly advised to prepare your case properly and for this purpose you might need the help of a professional injury lawyer. Visit compensations4injury.co.uk to find an experienced injury lawyer near you.