3 Things to Avoid If You are a Web Designer Feb26


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3 Things to Avoid If You are a Web Designer

Here’s the thing, a lot of people think that if you have a career that has something to do with the internet or social media or information technology, the regular people think what you do is something that is a source of awe for them. There is always an air of mystery around people who fork for Google or for Facebook. Gone are the days when you just equate working in similar companies as ultimate computer geeks. One of these jobs that build a great deal of mystery is web design. People who deal with web design are internet gods because they can create anything from almost nothing. Now, like any other job, there are some things that as a web designer like duenorthcreative.co.uk you simply just should not do. As someone who does website design for a living, you should avoid these taboos:

Becoming an invisible man. You are a web designer. The first word – web – alone just basically indicates that you always have to be available online. Physical presence is not important; it is your online presence that matters. That is one of the best ways to market your services out there. Create social media accounts if you do not have one yet and be active in them. Start a blog. Make yourself heard by joining relevant online communities such as DeviantArt. At this age, trust is built around how many people actually know you for what you do.

Staying stagnant & biting off more than you can chew. One thing that the web design industry is sure of is its diversity. It does not stay and use one technique or process for too long. People will always come up with ways to make something bigger and better and you should be able to compete with them. Or better yet, be an innovator yourself. A lot of web designers’ careers died because they were arrogant enough to just stay in one place. They only learned the basics and they did not bother to learn anything else. Remember, web designing is not all Adobe Photoshop (although a huge chunk of it is). Be an all rounder and not a one rounder. Money can be a good motivator but taking too much is bad. Really bad. You can compromise the quality of your work and what’s worse, there is a possibility that you might not be even able to complete everything especially if you are pressed for time. Do not burn yourself out. Quality always trumps quantity. And your clients will reward you for it.

Making it too personal. Do not be afraid of the criticisms and rejections that clients will load on you. Those are the norm. You cannot stop them from being that way, so it would be best not to take their negative comments too personally. Being passive aggressive is also a huge no no. You will be in big trouble if you act that way. All you can do is become open minded about your work. Think of questions or things that the client may ask or possible problems that might be encountered and prepare yourself on how to address them.