Welder Training Underwater – Be Safe


In underwater training for welders, they are going to work underneath the water. It is important that a welder should take caution to the safety procedure, especially to those who have no experience yet or shall we say beginners. The underwater training is very dangerous when a person does not know how to do the job in a safe step-by-step process. A person who wants to try this training should also remember that their life is at stake if not taken seriously, so if you are about to take this training, please be sure to understand the risk.

This kind of welder training provides two phases, the dry session and the wet session. The dry training is the regular training for welders who want to learn the basics and techniques to be a certified welder; it also includes the safety procedures. On the other hand, the wet training is the second phase of the training. The trainee is required to dive or learn how to dive including the safety way of doing the job underneath the water. They will be trained for diving because this is their main goal, to do their job under the water, which is very essential for them to dive and be a welder at the same time.

This is important in their job category because these welders are going to dive underneath the water and bring the equipment that they will need to do their jobs. But it is risky because we all know that a welder will use an electricity to work on their job and doing it underwater is quite dangerous. They will melt and join two metals using the welders’ equipment and wears the welders’ suit for underwater for their safety.

The best thing that you can do is to observe and understand the things that you should learn. If you have the knowledge and skills about it, then all you just need is your guts not to panic when you are in the middle of your test. Whatever happens stay focus on your duties and safety at the same time, but you do not have to worry because they are not going to get you in that situation, not until they have thought you all the things that you will need in welding underwater. Yes that is right so you do not have to worry in taking this welder training because they will never get you in danger not unless it is an accident.

Overall, you will get a welder training certificate in underwater, you get more compensation than regular welders because of the risky skill that you learned and of course you get skills, techniques and safety procedures for your job. After you get all that you will need, you can work on a regular welder job and you can also work in underwater welding job, which provides higher rate. But always remember to keep your safety first whenever and whatever your job is.


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Things to Know About Sniffer and Bomb Detection Dogs


Ever since the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the United States in 2001, sniffer and bomb detection dogs have been out and about in public and crowded areas, such as airports. When before, every time we see these types of dogs in our vicinity, we tend to get a little bit paranoid or afraid, seeing these dogs now give us a sense of security.

Sniffer dogs are dogs that have been trained to use their already keen sense of smell to identify and locate particular substances such as illegal drugs or explosives. However, although sometimes their trainings and job descriptions overlap, these dogs are not to be confused with K-9’s or police dogs because not all police dogs are trained as sniffers and vice versa.

In the past few years, the use of sniffers have become more and more incorporated not only in police work, but also in other areas like wild life biology. Sniffers and bomb detection dogs are still popular in many countries like the Philippines, where such dogs are visible in malls and hotel entrances and are now considered a staple in these areas. On the other hand, other countries have been sniffers to search for a variety of things, both inanimate and animate such as endangered animal species (a good example would be the black footed ferret), invasive species such as the quagga mussel. What they are trained to do is not exactly look for these animals, but rather employ sniffer services for finding and collecting the feces. For police related work, sniffers have branched out and have been helping crime scene investigators search for human remains or cadavers, fire accelerants in places where there’s an arson investigation and other crime evidence. They have also assisted jail wardens in detecting mobile phones, which are considered a contraband in prisons. And not only that, some sniffers have even been trained with health care related scenarios, such as detecting cancerous tumors in humans and identifying hypoglycemic emergencies.

Although sniffers have only become popular now, they have already been around since the early 1900’s, when Danish police started using them. Do you know how keen their sense of smell is? Consider this, human’s sense of smell can detect mixtures of different smells, but for sniffers, their sense of smell is so keen that they are able to differentiate and identify individual scents even if scents are combined or masked by other scents. So even if a murderer washes clean the blood stained walls in a crime scene with bleach, sniffers are still able to discern blood. And what’s more, they have a very high rate of correct positive indication of substances they are trained to detect (almost 100%) and  a very low rate of false positives (almost zero percent).

Sniffers have helped crime solving and crime prevention processes move forward in the past few years. Even with the advent of technology, there seems to be no end in sight in using them.


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Sports Massage


4 Benefits of Sports Massage

Athletes and joggers alike will benefit from sports massage. This kind of massage focuses on helping sporty individuals achieve optimum performance. The technique applied differs from person to person depending on one’s choice of sport. Even those who live a physically active lifestyle will also benefit from this kind of massage by preventing injury and fatigue as well as improving endurance.

The fact that sports massage targets muscles and body parts that are susceptible to stress and overused from aggressive and repetitive movements is the primary reason why it has become popular these days. Undiagnosed tensed and overused muscles can cause discomfort and impede optimum performance. It could even lead to more serious condition. However, with the right technique and skilled therapist, you can avoid such problems and be at your best. A skilled therapist can detect problematic tissues, and by employing the right technique, you can maintain a healthy body. Here are the top 4 benefits you should know about this kind of massage.

Minimize muscle fatigue

When you exercise, you use energy and the body responds to the growing demand of energy by means of glycolysis. In glycolysis, the body breaks down glycogen during exercise and produces lactic acid. Lactic acid eventually builds up in the blood and causes fatigue and sore muscles. You cannot totally avoid muscle fatigue, but sport massage can greatly help in relieving and minimizing sore muscles by increasing blood flow to the tissues and open the blood vessels, allowing the nutrients to absorb more easily.

Speed up recovery

It has been found that sports massage helps speed up recovery time by increasing blood circulation. Waste products like lactic acid accumulate in the muscles. Massage increases circulation of blood to tensed muscles, helping in getting rid of toxic wastes and speeding up recovery time.

Reduces pain and stress

Tensed muscles are normally painful and sports massage proves beneficial in this regard. It is a common knowledge that the body respond favorably to touch. Massage stimulates the body’s mechanoreceptors, which senses pressure, touch and warmth, which cause the muscles to relax. The heat generated by muscles from massage causes the body to release endorphins – the happy hormones and works as pain reliever. Endorphins are released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which reduces pain and anxiety, improves mood and makes you feel happy and relaxed. It is not surprising, then, why experts have been promoting massage as a great way to manage stress.

Prevent injury

Injury is inevitable in any sports or physical activity. But did you know that massage can reduce your odds of experiencing injury? Yes, and it works in wonders. Massage does this by making your muscles more flexible and improves range motion. Constant stress on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints can lead to muscle tension. By employing the right massage, the massage therapist aims in releasing tensed muscles and restoring muscle balance, thereby of great help in preventing injury.

For you to make most of the benefits of sports massage, it is very important to incorporate it with proper nutrition, drinking lots of water and enough rest. Massage therapy for sporty individual like you is truly a necessity. Talk to a qualified therapist in your area and find a massage therapy plan that is best for your particular needs, level of physical activity, budget and schedule.


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Relationship Counseling  – helpful or helpless?


Are you one of those many who are struggling just to make things normal again? The life you dreamed of having. Waking up in the morning, not having a single argument with your partner, until night comes. That is every couples’ wish, to fill up the satisfaction of a partner without having any conflicts in between conversations. If you want to know the secret behind how people are back again to each other’s arms, is that they sought the best relationship counselor ever.

In seeking the best relationship, counseling is very important in judging the behavior of one person. Relationship counselors must be equipped with much training and should know all the rules and regulations when dealing with these sensitive issues of the couple.  They should have a diploma, to attest to the truth that they can really be trusted. Another thing is to check these counselors if they belong to a private organization that also caters to relationship problems.   So what is there to know in this relationship counseling? One thing is certain; you need to briefly discuss things between you and the relationship counselor. Each party must be able to understand as to why are they facing a relationship counselor. There is need that both should face the counselor. There is also a one on one assessment as to per person’s complaints, which the counselor only knows. This is really a tough job for relationship counselors. This is no ordinary job. You can meet a lot of mixed emotions here during the session. In relationship counseling, the value of listening is placed in an important manner. Counselors are very specific with this skill. They are the geniuses that know what makes couples or people tired of their relationship.

So, when is the right time to enter relationship counseling and seek the help of the counselors?  Basically, this is a normal feeling when there are things that do not seem right. This will be the right time to ask a relationship counselor.  When you can sense that danger is coming, this means divorce for couples. This marks the beginning of a new relationship between you and your partner, with a counselor. Relationship counseling helps to recognize the flaws one cannot see. If you are in the middle heat of anger, you cannot think or act properly. In this anger stage, everything that a couple wants to say, they automatically say it without any warning. This is the job of the relationship counselors to stop the things that are not good for the health and start filling up the wonderful emotions of a person. Relationship counseling helps a lot because everyone puts an effort in sorting things out and giving each other a chance to change. Though there are really couples that do not meet in both ends, relationship counseling still benefits both parties, and who knows, one day they will soon meet again and realize couples need to put more effort into making happily ever after stories real.


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